Art Residency at Engramme Quebec Canada



Artist in residence -at Engramme in Quebec city, Canada

March 15 to 29th, 1996

Working on creating the bookwork Mi Ricordi e Mi Scordi at  Engramme print-studio in Québec city, Canada.

The bookwork consists of hand-printed photo-gravures which I etched and printed during my residency.   It is a limited edition of 8 copies.

This project draws on early 20th century archival material – IQ tests conducted on arriving immigrants at Ellis Island . Through the process of photo-gravures I retraced delicate and touching memory drawings that were completed by arriving immigrants to the US most of  were illiterate or never held a pencil.  My acts of retracing  social and historical drawings brought about contemplations about these artifacts as tactile memory.

The bookwork couples the drawings  with  a narrative text between a child and an adult as it  considers  multiple ways of recollection and storytelling.

Copyright © Micheline Durocher – Engramme