Reading lessons – exhibition at Gallery 44

“Reading Lessons” (“Les petites leçons de lecture”). These prints were exhibited at Gallery 44 (Toronto) 2003, Vu (Québec) October 10th to November 9th, 2003, Visual Arts Center (Westmount) October 31 to November 22, 2003, Art gallery of the Ottawa School of Art.  Some of these photos were also included in the group show Unexpected Encounters (shown at Ace Arts, Winnipeg and WARC in Toronto) with Christine Horeau,  Marie-Christine Simard, Cyndra MacDowall, and Gail Bourgeois

“Micheline Durocher’s Les petites lecons de lecture (the little reading lessons) are large scale digital ink-jet prints. that visually engage with the gesture of the body as a site where past experiences, desires, failings, and errors are marked. The self-portrait is digitally integrated with a floral, baroque-like tapestry, and is overlaid with an image from her grade-school reader, birds on their branches meshing into the throat as if it were the limb of a tree. She’s clutching at her throat as if something’s caught inside, life or words, trying to force their way down or out.” Gail Bourgeois