L’étreinte @ Images Festival, Toronto, Canada

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Screening: L’étreinte (The Embrace), April 2007

Sat 7 Apr 2007 9:00pm – 10:30pm @ Joseph Workman Theatre

International Shorts IV
The Light That Shines Through the Fog of Desperation

International Shorts IVLives lived on camera. Elaborate performances, documents of the moment and the grey area between the two. The lens turned on the self, or focused close in on details that metaphorically illuminate our own loss, grief, and struggle in living.

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Bruises Bruises
Director Hester Scheurwater (2005, 3 min, Video, Netherlands)

Subject to Subject Subject to Subject
Director Jesika Joy (2006, 4 min, Video, Canada)

Five More Minutes Five More Minutes
Directors Dena DeCola & Karin E. Wandner (2005, 17 min, Video, USA)

Embrace, The Embrace, The

Director Micheline Durocher (2005, 5 min, Video, Canada)

Oh, Darlin... Oh, Darlin…
Director Andrea Cooper (2006, 21 min, Video, Canada)

Mama Mama
Director Hester Scheurwater (2005, 3 min, Video, Netherlands)

Knot Between, The Knot Between, The
Director Cherie Valentina-Stocken (2006, 5 min, Video, Canada)

Naked Naked
Director Pawel Wojtasik (2005, 10 min, Video, USA)

Songs of Praise for the Heart Beyond Cure Songs of Praise for the Heart Beyond Cure
Directors Emily Vey Duke & Cooper Battersby (2006, 14 min, Video, Canada)