Lapse screened @ MUFF fundraiser April 12, 2010


The Montreal Underground Film Festival, was started 5 years ago by Zoe Brown and partner Karina Mariano in response to what they felt was a disappearance of artistic wealth in the independent, underground film community. They have worked long hard hours to bring this years 5th Annual MUFF, with some of the best film and video yet to be seen this May 13, 14, 15. But they can’t do it without the help of a MUFF survival party!!!

We are preparing an evening of the best of MUFF over the last four years and we hope you will join us in this recounting of some very exceptional, vibrant work.

Come and show your support for local, international and underground cinema by attending this once in a life time fund-raising event. The doors open at six pm and the screenings will soon follow.
It’s being held at THE GREEN ROOM: 5386, St. Laurent Blvd.

With all of your support and desire to culturally contribute to our fabulous city we know we can do it bigger and better for the 5th MUFF spectacular.

prog1 – Mermaids

Merry Sea Gentleman and the Cod Fisher’s Voyage Below , Sam Scott
Lapse, Micheline Durocher
L’éducation Nautique, Christian Laurence
Chronicle, Woloshen
Hail the failure of urban planning
Cadavre exquis, Volatile Works
Lucky Girl, Alexandra Grimanis

Prog2- Freaks

Cattle Call, Matthew Rankin & Mike Maryniuk
Pig Heart, Jesika Joy
What’s My Mother !#@$ Name, Amber Dawn
Doll-Like, Alexis Baran
Made-Up, Owen Eric Wood
Luv Junket, Alexandre Franchi
Transfert, Guillaume Paquin-Boutin
Music Machines, Jonas Meier