International Film Festival of Patras Greece 2010


1/10 – 9/10/2010

It is with great pleasure that I will be presenting Electric Garden at the Patras International Festival of Cinema and Culture in Greece. The full program encompasses 176 film and videos. I am happy that it is being screened in the programme titled “at the ends of the world”






Electric garden Micheline Durocher Canada 3′ 30” video art 2009
Electric Garden is constructed upon one continuous pan of the edges and outlines of the female body and elicits the idea of the well established erotic theme in art, the reclining nude. Rendered in rich and vibrant colours it transfers the imagery of the undressed observed reclining woman to a visual representation of woman’s own satisfaction.


Symphony of the New World Angeliki Tsotsoni U.S.A 25′ short film 2009
This piece is made up of various non-contextualized characters that appear almost as interludes between different locations. I know almost nothing of these people. I met them for a few minutes during a short local road trip. These people attracted my attention, become valuable personas that I am trying to familiarize myself with, even though they were not previously important. My final work is based on real facts, human beings and documentation : The different personas I’ve captured with my camera had allowed themselves to be brave, insecure, angry, confused, uncertain, cunning, unpleasant, warm, petty, unfathomable, stupid, afraid: in a nutshell – typical human beings. I am trying to discover and trap deep buried aspects of their behaviour that are beyond a typical testimony. The collected visual and confessional material was not edited into a story mode. I am not intending to write a narrative. The main question of this piece is the question of narrative, which has always been a serious question for me.


White girls happy on Zambezi Gabriele Neudecker + Nelson Nzwaligwa Austria – Zimbabwe 3′ short film 2009
White English girls celebrate Mugabe´s birthday at the sun-downer party on river Zambezi. A storm is approaching. Young cook Nelson helps saving their boat – cheered by the buzzed girls. Short cuts of handy-cams show collapsing Zimbabwe between military, poverty and devil-may-care tourists


Pacific 4 Christos Hassapis Greece & U.S.A 14′ short film 2009
Nothing is happening at the edge of the Pacific ocean. One after an other, the waves come from far away crashing at the shore. Four friends. Four different viewpoints. They appear separated in their own confusion. They contemplate the waves, but they can only see them selves in them, until a mysterious photographer appears out of nowhere. Their attention is gathered when they realize that the only thing to remain from this day is going to be a nice picture. A picture to be taken.

Cooking up Dreams Ernesto Cabellos Peru 75′ documentary 2009
This documentary journeys to the kitchens of Peru’s coast, highlands and jungle, as well as Peruvian expat communities in Paris, London, Amsterdam and New York for answers. From the most humble family kitchens to the poshest restaurants, from stories of pioneering Peruvian chefs abroad to those who preserve ancient recipes at home, we find that peru’s cuisine is deliciously integrating for its people, who have historically been marked by ethnic and economic differences. Renowned chefs such as Gaston Acurio, Ferrán Adrià, Juan Mari Arzak and Bernardo Roca Rey share their views on Peru’s cuisine alongside those unsung chefs, who also dream of Peru’s cuisine as a motor of development.


CIRCLES 2010 Mimi Garrard U.S.A 19′ video dance 2010
Circles 2010 is a suite of 4 contrasting dances created for video using a single choreography featuring the dancer Samuel Roberts and the composer/percussionist Glen Velez.

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INTEAL, a contemporary cultural monument, is the most classic cinema of Patras, located in the central pedestrian precinct of Saint Nicolas Street, daily crossing point for thousands of citizens of Patras but also visitors. Having started its operation in 1914, it was the first cinema of the city with an exclusively indoor movie theater and was associated with the expansion and flourishing of cinema in Patras, with particular sparkle during the era when avant premiers of films where a social event.

During its initial operation it accommodated a multi-theater. The movie theater was at the rear of the building while at the front section it accommodated some commercial stores. In 1939 it was reconstructed by the Armenian architect Nubar and constituted the biggest, most perfect and luxurious cinema in the province. This is the appearance it maintains until today.The giant industrial counter-attack of the cinemas, at the end of the 20th century, established requirements that the infrastructure of “INTEAL” was impossible to serve. Gradually it declined and yielded to the vigorous competition.