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Now available at iota’s Library and Study Center!

Electric Garden (2009)
“Electric Garden” follows one continuous pan of the edges and outlines of the female body and elicits the idea of the well-established erotic theme in art: the reclining nude. Rendered in rich and vibrant colors, it transfers the imagery of the undressed observed reclining woman to a visual representation of woman’s own satisfaction.

Doppelganger (2009)
This recent experimental video is inspired by the autobiography of Goethe, conveying the uncanny feeling of being confronted with your double.

Matchstick (2006)
Constructed around a soundtrack of burning matches, “Matchstick” is a poetic visual meditation on memory, desire, and Hans Christian Anderson’s “Little Matchstick Girl.” The video finds visual pleasure in the play of light and darkness, blurring and fragmenting images while it develops its central themes: memory, the impossibility of truly “remembering” and the construction of desire through video editing techniques.

These films and much more can be viewed at our Library & Study Center in Culver City, CA. Please set up a viewing appointment by contacting us at:

Durocher is a Montreal based artist currently working in video and photo-based media. Learn more about Durocher and her work at her website.


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