Electric Garden in Marseille at Festival Contre Nature

Electric Garden will be presented at Festival Contre Nature in Marseille  at Théâtre des Chartreux.

July 14, 19h15 & July 15, 19h15
Théâtre des Chartreux 105, avenue des Chartreux / 13004 Marseille tel. 33 4 91 50 18 90
16 films – 79mn


sadescription …niland 2
9mn56   color   stereo   2011   Germany
by Marius Leneweit & Rocio Rodriguez

sadescription Augustus
3mn43   color   stereo   2010   Morocco
by Hicham Qaidi

sadescription The Art-Qaeda Project
7mn03   color   mono   2010   Taiwan
by Wei-Ming Ho

sadescription Ophelia
2mn05   color   sil   2010   Canada
by Vienne Chan

sadescription Mr. Babyape is Passion
9mn59   color   stereo   2009   Germany
by Paul Wiersbinski

sadescription Lightning Strikes
4mn12   color & b/w   stereo   2009   Germany
by Sönke Held & Felix Kubin

sadescription Predator
2mn40   color   stereo   2010   Germany
by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

sadescription Je suis Père et mon Père est Père
2mn18   color   stereo   2010   Sweden
by Anders Weberg

sadescription Con Amore
3mn34   color   stereo   2009   Canada
by Martin Messier (Robin Dupuis)

sadescription Dualism
2mn15   color   stereo   2010   Sweden
by Anders Weberg

sadescription Isle Of Lox “The Fruits Electric”
3mn46   color   stereo   2010   Germany
by Leyla Rodriguez & Cristian Sraub

sadescription L’Homme des Hautes Plaines
3mn29   color   sil   2011   France
by Frank Gatti

sadescription Electric Garden
3mn30   color   stereo   2009   Canada
by Micheline Durocher

sadescription Homecoming
6mn30   b/w   stereo   2010   United Kingdom
by Hannah Beadman

sadescription Omokage (remains)
6mn   color   stereo   2010   Japan
by Maki Satake

sadescription Light-Devouring Darkness
2mn   color   stereo   2011   Canada
by Frédérick Maheux