Lapse at Optica festival – Madrid Spain – September 16th-18th, 2011

“Lapse” has been selected by the organizing committee of Optica. It will be part of the program of the Optica

Festival in Madrid (Spain), wich will be celebrated from September 16th until the

The projection will take place at La Casa Encendida  ( La Casa is a beautifully  unpredictable cultural site because of  the quantity and scope of its multidisciplinary activities which focus on international artists and because of the alternative slant it takes on the world. La Casa houses exhibitions, cinema sessions, workshops and more. 

Are you Optica?

“Organized by the Asociación Cultural Colectivo Interferencias, Optica offers a forum for interchange and promotion that encourages an encounter with visual experimentation at an international level. To experiment means to go in search of the unknown. Videoart breaks established precepts, conferring prominence on the essence of film: light, sound and movement, in some cases resulting in pure abstraction. That’s why it’s one of the most natural and genuine forms of audio-visual culture, to the degree that it demands a subjective perception of space-time, through the technology of the electronic image.

The Festival seeks to provoke reactions in the spectator’s personal world-view, to stir up his private apprehensions. It aims to explore reality, but via a deconstruction of its constituting elements. Through this festival, the organizers want to discover how we create our memories; how not only fantasy but pre-established patterns come to form part of the articulation of space and architecture; how we domesticate life by resorting to codes.

To set out on the path leading to video art means exploring the byways of observation. An observation which through the years has been transmuted, revealing to us its complicity with history and its discursive potential transformed into cultural image.

More than 200 artists and almost 20 galleries from all the world involved each year in Optica. In addition to parties and other leisure activities, the Festival is structured primarily from the following sections:

Independent artists: One of the key points to define Optica philosophy is the defense of the so-called “intergenerational inclusion.” This is a practice that allows not only enjoy the value of the works themselves, but also cross the languages that exist in the different artistic circuits, and generational groups. Also it facilitates the dissemination of the new talent.

Galleries: The participation of galleries reinforces and enriches the Festival programming.

Information Section: This is a not competitive section. We are approaching to international projects for the diffusion of the audio-visual culture, which have among its objectives:

-To promote the creative expression and motivate reflection about the environment.
-To create a space for education, innovation and creativity.
-To encourage the exchange of ideas, debate and discussion.

Meetings with Artists: This section conforms an exchange format of experiences, in which the border between creator and its environment is broken. In this way, some of the artists can establish a dialogue with the audience through different activities.

In previous editions, as well too Spanish creators, artists from countries like USA, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, United Kingdom, France, Greece, Germany or Japan, visited the Festival.

Performances: Audiovisual live shows of international artists, in which were fused image and sound, giving place to ephemeral art, executed in real time.

Parties: With this type of activity is achieved breaking the coldness that usually rules the artistic world. Frontiers were demolished, oxygen and establishing a two-way path between the creator and social environment around. So it became possible the bringing of more people to explore audiovisual, which represents a unique initiatory opportunity.

The Festival has planned this series of events, out from balance and equality, to preserve, above all, the essence of the festival: the videoart.


La Casa Encendida
Ronda de Valencia 228012
Madrid Spain
Artists participating in Optica Madrid:
Filippos Tsitsopoulos/ Felip Prunyonosa/ Jacopo Jenna/ Cristina Artola/ Susu Laroche/ Manuela Barile/ Jorge Fernando Dos Santos/ Anders Weberg/ Film&art/ Michel Balagué & Linn Löffler/ Gustavo Jahn & Melissa Dullius/ Néstor Prieto/ Steve Hines/ María Luján Candria/ Ann Steuernagel/ Wilfried Agricola de Cologne/ David Conill/ Edgardo La Rosa/ Razvan Sadean/ Francisco Brives/ Lois Patiño/ Toby Tatum/ Antonio Savinelli/ Liu Wei/ Marcos Arroyo/ Ángel García Roldán/ Mai Yamashita & Naoto Kobayashi/ Bubi Canal/ Vred, Roofman & Elías Merino (Nuhg)/ Thorsten Fleisch/ Juan José Herrera/ Pauline Horovitz/ Gabi Alonso/ Miguel Machado/ María Peréz Gil/ Micheline Durocher/ Marius Leneweit & Rocío Rodríguez/ Ofir Feldman & Aya Eliav/ Alessandro Amaducci/ Katharina Arndt/ Melanie Menard/ Carlos Villar aka Pixel in Fact/ Fernando Fuentes/ Julieta Triangular & Felipe Olid / Phillip Stearns/ Liliana Orbach/ Inga Fonnar Cocos / Sharon Paz/ Michal Shamir/ Asnat Austerlitz/ Omer Golan/ Amit Goren & Hanah Sahar / Hilla Ben Hari / Milana Yalir / Merav Ezer & Adi Shniderman / Tamar Latzman / Guy Yitzhaki/ Efrat Shvily/ Yaron Lapid/ Noam Edry/ Shahar Markus/ Keren Yeala – Golan/ Reuven Zahavi / Masha Yozefpolsky / Tamar Nissim/ Itay Ziv/ Tamar Shippony/ Ignacio Álvarez Ganza/ Patricia Peláez/ Mauro Sol