Electric Garden presented at Façade video Festival 2011 Plovdiv

Electric Garden was screened at the Façade video Festival 2010.

Façade is a project of Art Today Association – Center for Contemporary art – Plovdiv, The Ancient Bath.


Façade Video Festival

A project by Jakob Racek, cultural manager at the Art Today Association, Plovdiv, BulgariaOctober 5 ̶ 10, 2010, Plovdiv Old TownIt was for the first time that in October 2010 the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv hosted the international Façade Video Festival. Building exteriors in the picturesque historic city centre turned into screens for video art in all its varieties. The concept of the festival comprised two major ideas:

Instead of being a passive background, urban space is transformed into an active zone, a medium. The rather neglected public space of the Old Town of Plovdiv becomes a vivid place of artistic encounter. Film fans and random passers-by form an audience in a unique surrounding. The facades themselves start to act, talk and move – they become alive.

Video art leaves its hermetically sealed venues, such as galleries, museums and art-house cinemas. It is taken out onto the street to address the public directly. The facade becomes a new medium of encounter between artist and viewer, between art and urban environment. Following this approach, the festival served as a stage where an interested audience, cultural institutions, curators, artists and critics from all over the world were invited to exchange ideas, meanings and experience in the field of contemporary art.

More than 100 competition entries of emerging and advanced video artists from over 25 countries were selected by an international jury. The festival’s main competition panel was accompanied by a series of parallel events. Some of Germany’s most progressive and influential artists in the recent decades were represented in the festival feature “40 Years of Video Art”.

As a portrait of today’s state of video art, the special screening of the Artists-in-Berlin Programme of the DAAD was dedicated to recent works of Deimantas Narkevicius, Armando Andrade Tudelas, Guy Ben-Ner, Agnieszka Brzeżańska, Bethan Huws, Pavel Braila und Phil Collins. Within the open class panel Bettina Steinbrügge talked about “Insights into curatorial practice: Between arts, cinema and performance”. In addition to that, on the occasion of Gustav Mahler’s 150th birthday anniversary the German formation shortfilmlivemusic presented new video art pieces arranged for “a vision’s gleaming sounds”.

Videos by Sylvia Nicolaides – Cyprus, Nadine Zoller – Germany, Clare Harris – UK, Daniela Risch – Germany, Tahir Ün – Turkey, Kati Bessenyei – Hungary, Daniel – Nicolae Djamo – Romania, Katerina Apostolidou – Greece, Kika Nicolela – Brazil, Thiago Parizi – Spain, Katerina Liana – Greece, Mikael Prey – Sweden, Éva Vica Kovács – Hungary, Niall Farrell – Northern Ireland, Albert Mayr – Austria, Kalina Terzieva – Bulgaria, Costa Tonev – Bulgaria, Marta Daeuble – France, Micheline Durocher – Canada, Chiara Scarfo – Italy, Luce Michnova – Czech Republic, Yunji Park – South Korea, Wei-Ming Ho – Taiwan, Gerbrand Burger – The Nederlands, Baptist Coelho – India, Emanuela lorga – Moldova, Gun Holmstrom – Finland


Electric Garden was presented on opening nite of Facade Video Festival in Plodiv, Bulgaria on Friday 09 09 2011.  The programme of the evening was :

20:30 – Cocktail opening of the festival, Lapidarium (next to the Balabanov House)

  • 21:00 – Start of the screenings
  • Alles in Ordnung (Everything’s Fine) – Verena Seibt and Clea Stracke, Germany 2010
  • Without title– Christian Eisenberger, Germany, 2010
  • Stone Scissors Paper – Sylvia Nicolaides, Cyprus, 2010
  • Electric Garden – Micheline Dorucher, Canada, 2009
  • I Am – Sylvia Nicolaides, Cyprus, 2009
  • Without title (Jona) – Andreas Schneider, Germany, 2008
  • The Steamroller and the Plumbers – Thiago Parizi, Germany, 2011
  • Touchscape – Kenji Ouellet, Germany, 2010
  • Cesta (Journey) – Marta Daeuble, France, 2011
  • Instructional Video – Kalina Terzieva, Bulgaria, 2011
  • Synchronisation – Kamen Stoyanov, Austria, 2010
  • Beneath It All… I Am Human – Baptist Coelho, India, 2009
  • Self-Destruction for Eternity – Wei-Ming Ho, Taiwan, 2011
  • Nordic Mosh – Gun Holmstrom, Finland, 2011
  • (en) vestida – Anna Natt and Alex Forge, Germany, 2011
  • 23:00 – Open end – after party in the Center for Contemporary Art – Plovdiv, The Ancient Bath, with music by Yankovable, Gone Thru & Martin

Artists participating in the festival :

Screenshot Artists Video title Year Country
video video video Sylvia Nicolaides 1. Erasing
2. Rock Paper Scissors
3. I am
video Nadine Zoller Only Two Things 2010 Germany
video video video Clare Harris 1. Speak
2. Little Girl
3. Passing Moment
2010 UK
video Daniela Risch When We Are in Heaven 2008 Germany
video Andreas Schneider O.T.(jona) 2008 Germany
video Tahir Ün Facial Perception 2010 Turkey
video Kati Bessenyei Excuse me 2010 Hungary
video Daniel-Nicolae Djamo Menu 2011 Romania
video Katerina Apostolidou In Between 2010 Greece
video video Kika Nicolela 1. Flickering
2. Desesmetak 2
2009 Brazil
video video Natalia Ribeiro Magdalena de Mello 1. Survival Instinct
2. Eu sou um artista, sov un artista, soc un artista, I’m an artist
2011 Brazil
video video Thiago Parizi 1. The Steamroller and the Plumbers
2. Golem and the Plumbers
2011 Spain
video Katerina Liana (Kukuland) Time 2010 Greece
video Anna Moreno Hours in Fabra & Coats 2010 Spain
video Mikael Prey Reaping The Fallen 2010 Sweden
video Babylonia Constantinides, Franz Wanner The Filmmachine 2010 Germany
video Ted Sonnenschein 3 Light studies 2011 Germany
video Éva Vica Kovács Mirror 2010 Hungary
video Niall Farrell Tivating 2010 Northern Ireland
video Albert Mayr CD Mobile Machine 2006 Austria
video Kalina Terzieva Instructional Video 2011 Bulgaria
video Valentina Fernandes Lilong 2009 UK
video Kosta Tonev The Judgment Bulgaria
video Marta Daeuble Cesta 2011 France
video Jeremie Dauliac Chorale 2010 France
video Viktor Yankov, Krum Filipov Requiem for Cosmos Cinema 2011 Bulgaria
video Stefka Tsaneva RGB 2011 Germany
video Nikola Minchev, Zhenia Bozukova Petiofi Street 2011 Bulgaria
video Micheline Durocher Electric Garden 2009 Canada
video Kamen Stoyanov Synchronisation 2010 Austria
video Kenji Ouellet Touchscape 2010 Germany
video Marlene Denningmann Interview#3 2011 Germany
video Sonja Dürscheid DIN 16951 2009 Germany
video Lois Fried Propaganda 1 2010 Germany
video Nina Malotta Taschen 2010 Germany
video video Chiara Scarfo 1. Novia
2. As if…
2009 Italy
video Lauren Moffatt Die Fassade (Hausfrau) 2010 France
video Khalil Charif Crossroad 2011 Brazil
video Michael Salkeld Coimeas 2010 UK
video video Eugenia Gortchakova 1. Breakfast in Rubljovka
2. Winter
2011 Germany
video Danae Diaz Caffeine 2011 Germany
video video Joseph Ismail 1. High Wire
2. Trace, drawing, Walking
2010 UK
video video video Samuel Dermigny 1. Mecha Cardboard House
2. Al Vessga
3. Windows / Screen
2010 France
video Yunji Park To the moon 2009 South Korea
video video Tai Amiran 1. Fenella
2. Facades
2011 UK
video Wei-Ming Ho Self-Destruction for Eternity 2011 Taiwan
video video Dénes Ruzsa 1. Bonds
2. +1 ° C
video video Gerbrand Burger 1. Rihla
2. The museum
The Netherland
video video video Baptist Coelho 1. Beneath It All…I am Human
2. If It Would Only End …
3. Something Terrible Has Happened
2009 India
video Peter Vadocz Colorful EU 2009 Hungary
video Adelina Popnedeleva C’est la vie 2011 Bulgaria
video Signe Chiper-Lillemark Spaces 2010 Denmark
video Emanuela Iorga My Jazz 2011 Moldova
video Elena Knox Feed Australia
video Gergana Stamatova Fragments for Piano 2011 Bulgaria
video video video Tina Willgren 1. Vehicles
2. The Polymoids
3. Workout
video Christin Bolewski Universal Tourist 2010 Germany
video Danny Winkler, Emilia Loseva Genghis Khan’s Dreams 2009 UK
video video Verena Seibt, Clea Stracke 1. Alles in Ordnung
2. And the Ship Sails On
video video Sam Holden 1. Focus(№1)
2. 70 Still Frames and 5 Minutes 50 Seconds of Video
2009 / 2008 UK
video video Gun Holmstrom 1. Canal Glitch
2. Nordic Mosh
2011 Finland
video video Beatrice Plumet 1. Instantane 11
2. Instantane Chasso
2010 France
video video Vivian Ostrovsky 1. Tatitude
2. The Title Was Shot
2009 France
video Anna Natt, Alex Forge (en) vestida 2011 Germany
video Kiron Hussain Slick Horsing 2010 UK
video Christian Eisenberger Untitled 2010 Germany
video Markus Keim, Beate Hecher Terrain Vague 2011 Austria