Electric Garden screened in Tucson AZ

Arizona Underground Film Festival

Electric Garden  screened at the Arizona Underground Film Festival which runs from September 16th – 24th, 2011

The Arizona Underground Film Festival is one of the biggest genre film festivals in the United States.  It presents many cult films as well. The festival makes it  their mission to showcase the work of filmmakers with defiantly independent visions.  The festival is open to  representing every genre of independent film from across the world celebrating the artist, and their work. Included are categories from Narrative, Horror, Documentaries, Experimental, Animation, and Exploitation category (this is the only American festival to offer an Exploitation category).

The  fourth edition of the festival will run   9 days from Sept. 16th to 24th.

You can contact the festival at

info@azundergroundfilmfest.comArizona Underground Film Festival
PO Box 692
Tucson, AZ 85702
Sep. 17

5:00 p.m.: /AFK, dir. Greg Stuetze & Alex Stickroth. This documentary explores the addiction that is online gaming, particularly those who are obsessed with World of Warcraft.
Screening with:
Advanced Cybernetics, dir. Steven Day

7:00 p.m.: White Knight, dir. Jesse Baget. A grand dragon of the Ku Klux Klan is sent to prison where he has romantic feelings for the warden’s Mexican maid and the only one who can help bridge the communication gap is his Hispanic cellmate. Starring Tom Sizemore, Stacy Keach, Héctor Jiménez and Olga Segura.
Screening with:
It’s What’s For Dinner, dir. Chris Anderson

9:00 p.m.: Charlie Casanova, dir. Terry McMahon. A sociopath wrecks havoc at a hotel while his wife and friends are helpless to stop him.
Screening with:
Pinball, dir. Ruy Veridiano

11:00 p.m.: Ferozz: The Wild Red Riding Hood, dir. Jorge Molina. In a twisted family dynamic, a sexy teenage girl is lusted after by a Satanist practicing male relative.
Screening with:
Electric Garden, 2011, dir. Micheline Durocher