Lapse screening at FILMIDEO 2012

news-section-imageApril 28, 2012
Screening of Lapse at Filmedio, Index art center,
585 broad st., Newark, New Jersey, USA

Filmideo is a yearly event that celebrates the great diversity and work of independent filmmakers and video artists from around the globe. For an entire month, IAC transforms its gallery space into a screening theater, where artists works are projected onto a 10′ x10′ screen and viewed by audiences of up to 100 people per screening.

Index Art Center is a  nonprofit contemporary arts organization dedicated to supporting and promoting the visual arts in Newark, New Jersey.  IAC serves as both a critical link between art and community, and as a conduit for emerging artists.

Index Art Center

Screenings Saturdays in April, 6 – 10pm. 14, 21, and 28

April 28: Day 3

Index Art Center presents:
7th annual film and video screenings

Please join us for our third and final night!
This Saturday, April 28
6-10 PM
curated by Lowell Craig

Christin Bolewski: Metamorphosis (Germany)
Joshua Echevarria: The Forgotten Ones (NJ)
Neil Needleman: Corporate Art Policy
Ezra Wube: Mela
Patrick Moser: Under Sky, Under Road
David Theobald: Deepest Sympathy (UK)
Lydia Lewis: Baggage (NJ)
Martynas Kundrotas: Winter Wind in a Forest
Tina Wilgren: Workout (Sweden)
Tales Frey: Hit and Miss II (from Brazil, working in Portugal)
Annie Briard: Leaving Ground (Montreal, Canada)
afternoon girls: And Flowers Grew from the Tips of Their Shoes

afternoon girls: Gloss
afternoon girls: Whale Song
Micheline Durocher: Lapse 2 (Canada)
Mickey Todiwala: KORRÓZIÓ (NJ)
Jean Gabriel Periot: Looking at the Dead (France)
Antonello Novellino: La Pianta (Spain)
Flora Bradwell: Righting (UK)
Ellen Lake: Seaworthy (Oakland, CA)

Eric Unverzagt: Andrew Lange’s Black Lodge Blues (NJ)
Fred Guerrier: Good Bye Winter
K.M.: Twinning 21
Oliver Szymaczak: Hit Me Darkly (from Germany, working in Spain)
Benjamin Fox: Wounds (UK)
Michael Woody: Arlington
Payal Kapadia: Weapons of Mass Destruction (Bombay, India)
Leyla Rodriguez: Isle of Lox: Fruits Electric (from Argentina, working in Germany)
Ben Neufeld: Hung High
Bobby Abate: The Evil Eyes(Brooklyn, NY)


Also exhibiting:
Reception Room: Works by Linda Chen
27 Mix: works by Raisa Nosova