Weight (where the gravity center of hip-push balance is), photography

Residency project 

June 24th to July 11th, 2014

Artscape  Toronto Canada.




Project statement:

This work is a group of colour photographs that initiate a conversation about the search for inherent and interpreted purpose in daily activities and work. Using the story of Sisyphus rolling a bolder to the top of a mountain for eternity only to see it roll back to the ground as a starting point, I created a 7 day durational art action of balancing and counter-balancing the weight of my body with that of a mundane, mass produced, large rectangular piece of foam.  I became interested in the   physical, corporeal presence of body and object. The foam becomes a “squeeshy” body-like-being, a site to remember/feel the tactile, weight, touch, and temperature. Attempting to hold things in balance, my aim is to let unforeseen intimate correspondences develop through the precariousness of the action and the impossibility of stillness. The selected final images are those that record the moments when the labouring body, through that struggle, becomes a new sense of self-will, a hybridized alien in a state of flux.



I offer a special thanks for friendly intellectual dialogue and friendship to Camilla Kraft who’s unflinching fervour for words  provided a different fold to the idea of surface in my work.


To view work follow Here.