Tinsel, Photo Work

Untitled Digital Photography ©  Micheline Durocher 2015
Digital Photography, 36″ x 48″
© Micheline Durocher 2015


I select cheap commercially available tinsel for its inherent physical and metaphorical qualities. Glamorous and shiny,  tinsel is a material that seems precious and is yet valueless. In the English language, the word tinsel is also used to allude to glitz and excess.

My process is to work with mass-produced commodities. Through this means, I consider the notion of the ready-made and its contemporary  reconfiguration.

For this series I combined two distinct sources that have inspired me: the 17th century Meraviglia monsters, and the popular tradition of hanging tinsel from objects, sculptures and trees that  began in the Baroque period.

The overriding conceptual base of these photos is to feel a smudging of the boundaries between my body and the objects through a kind of recycling and renewing of things.

Tinsel  was created during my residency, December 8th, 2014- January 5th,  2015, at Artscape, Toronto, Canada.


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