“Surplus-Contemporary Arrangements” photos 2015

Untitled (Green and Chartreuse)
digital print, 36″ x 48″, 2015
Untitled (Abstraction)
digital print, 36″ x 48″, 2015


Artist Residency

Artscape, Toronto, Canada

April 13th – 24th

My intention is to deal with very mundane objects found on-site. This series of photos is largely composed of weathered or worn domestic objects, furniture and building materials found throughout the artist run center. I think that this dialogue among objects and between object and human is relevant.  Objects are inherently a social product. They have an  accumulated  and referential quality.  They possess an unruly subjectivity. They  have the ability to carry with them a sense of place, value, time, nostalgia, ideas, ideals, taste, art,  and desire.  By arranging  culture’s objects such as furniture, or should I say “rearranging” I consider the ever-changing, paraphrased and regurgitated culture that is the present.

Yoking together such disparate elements as chairs, trinkets, aluminium siding and my body through performative  moments, my aim is to  express  cognitive incongruities  that  smudge the boundaries between my body and the objects. In my images I evoke through the pervasive feeling of instability – that everything is holding by a thread – something of a reflection of our fearful, fractured, materially excessive times.

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Production Images








Thank you Rebecca Lemire, Katherine Dolgy Ludwig, Acacia Johnson, Teresa Ascencao and Bruno Patyn for the inspiring studio visits and discussions. Thank you Artscape for the supportive environment.