Dickens’ Monkey and Other Props





Inspired by  Dickens and the tiny ceramic monkey that he kept on his desk this performance re-mixes a narrative about why we keep things, and how the things we keep or discard define us.

During his lifetime, Dickens was apparently particular on the arrangement of objects on his desk and he kept, at all times, near him, a china monkey.  The monkey wore a hat and 19th century clothes and seemingly was used as a writing “implement” for inspiration or for “companionship” during the task of writing.  Many other authors have historically, like Dickens,  owned various items such as bone from a hip which they kept in close proximity.  Through this performance I investigate the relationships we have with objects and how these occur.

Dickens Monkey and other props was created and performed as part of Re-Re Make an Immersive Performance Lab at the School of Making and Thinking, East Branch, New York, June-July 2015.

photo credit: Amy Conway