Correspondence (Diffraction from a painting)

performed with Megan Billman


The Letter performance (with Megan Billman), 2015

The Letter performance (with Megan Billman), 2015

This  performance is a reenactment of  the well-worn Baroque theme of Dutch  genre painting “The Letter”.  In the Netherlands, paintings showing female figures writing, reading, or handling letters date back to 1630 and represented status, literacy and economics.   In this performance, I shift the focus towards the letter.  I consider this single  piece of folded paper – matter itself –  as having a social life  and a biography determined by the exchange between the two women.

The performance was created and performed as part of the Re-Re Make an Immersive Performance Lab at the School of Making and Thinking, East Branch, New York, June-July 2015.  Warm thanks to Megan Billman for her wonderful participation.

photos: Amy Conway