Object-driven photos

durocher_massmoca_5_512 copy
Untitled, digital photography, 48″ x 36″, 2016

Residency at EastSide International, Los Angeles, California

April 1-30, 2016

Littered in the studio :

A half dozen beaded white wedding bouquets, a dozen identical wedding crowns, unimpressive disheveled silk flowers, colourful plastic flowers, printed synthetic fabric,  hair pieces, curly hair pieces, wigs, tresses, nylon stockings, mock silver candle holders, plastic bags, blue plastic plates,  cassettes, barbie heads with painted blue eyes, fake brass pitcher, fake suede shoes, fake lashes, fake leopard fur looking coat, fake leather boots, fake yellow fur by the yard, screaming orange plastic pail, artificial grass very green, blue plastic ribbed pool for children, kitchen broom with blue plastic bristles …  

I like to consider and think about this surrealistic jumble of things. I think about this inherited landscape of objects  that will be tomorrow’s forgotten dreams.  I am interested in things and how they resonate with bouts of nostalgia, a sense of place, value, time, ideas, and ideals about taste, art, gender, politics and desire.  They have syntax and they have grammar.  They mimic glitz, and seem disingenuous. They participate in an economy of desire. They have a life cycle, and are in continuous transformation, decay, and regeneration.

I like to consider the stuff we discard. During the course of my residency, I created series of photos by repurposing, and re-displaying things through my body.   I mine for possible dialogues that can be created by blurring the distinction between subject and object, object and subject, and by intermeshing common consumer objects and my body. Through these performative actions and my use of assemblage in tableaux vivant,  I create absurd moments. Through absurdity my aim is to connect to questions about boundaries, body/objects, and object/bodies.



Production images

Studio view, East Side International, Los Angeles, California
Fabrics and clothes