In the studio at MASS MoCA

durocher_massmoca_3_512 copy
Untitled, 48″ x 36″, digital photo, 2016

My residency at MASS MoCa Assets for Artists culminated in a series of digital photographs of staged installation/assemblage  melding together  homey/comfy objects, things and my body. In my images, body and object are interchangeable – both become props and actors.  I am captivated by the inherent sociality of objects and how our place in Western society is bound to the plastic commodities that proliferate. These works poke at questions about  western society’s shifting attitude towards value and surplus.

The overriding conceptual base of this new work is to feel where the boundaries between my body and the objects are smudged through a kind of recycling, renewing and spilling of things.The photographs’ structure is one of fragmentation and a feeling of teetering.The vocabulary of this new work is that of saturated colour, shiny, skin, hair, synthetic,  human, non-human, constructed, assembled. Within this vocabulary one can go to words such as embellished, florid, flashy, glitzy, lavish, flaky, glamorous, overdecorated, artificiality, a mess, heavy.

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test proof © micheline durocher